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IT Consultancy with No long-term contracts

Hourly Residential
  • 24x7x365 remote monitoring of your environment
  • End-user support (7 am - 11 pm)

  • Consulting services

  • Contractual IT resources

  • Managed antivirus

  • Backup & data management

Hourly Business
  • 24x7x365 remote monitoring of your environment


  • Managed security (workstations & infrastructure)

  • Network and incident management

  • Complete document and executive reports

  • Remote monitoring and management platform

  • Cybersecurity awareness & training

  • Patch management

  • Call management platform ("Ticketing/PSA")

Pre-Paid Hours
  • Buy a larger single block of hours or a smaller monthly set of hours at a modest discount. The hours never expire and they can even be refunded if desired.

  • Tier System Packages including all services

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